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SubQ is my foray into the world of casual, indie game-development and is at its heart, inspired by TV programmes such as seaQuest DSV, Stargate SG-1 as well as open-world sim games like Elite.

It's very much a pet project, an exercise in me improving my C# skills and a bit of fun as I explore indie game development when I find a few spare hours here and there.

Things I hope to include in the game:

  • Roguelike stuff such as permadeath and turn-based action.
  • Physics! Albeit simple physics.
  • ASCII submarines shooting other ASCII submarines.
  • Missions such as "find and kill this ASCII submarine", "find and kill all those ASCII submarines" and "save the whales".
  • Crew members as-equipment (level them up, get buffs, enjoy their scintillating commentary as you complete missions).
  • Submarine stuff! Torpedoes! Cavitation! Silent running! Things that go PING!

The game is written in C# and .NET Core taking advantage of the SadConsole and GoRogue libraries for the bits I don't want to hand-code, so it should compile for and run under Windows, MacOS and Linux. If you want to know a little more about me, you can browse my personal pages.

Thanks for reading!

-- Andy

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